Fire Station App

For iPhone & iPad

iPhone home screen

Explore by county

From this screen you can explore the full list of fire departments located in their respective counties.

This is the basic way that Fire Station App for iPhone and iPad makes it easy to find, map, and contact your local department. Great for on-duty firefighters, explorers, family members, and scanner enthusiasts who want to explore their local public agency.

Map all battalions

Mapping battalions

Interested in how your local department is organized? Engine Company for iPhone and iPad is great for exploring large departments that are comprised of several battalions.

For example, the Los Angeles County Fire Department is comprised of 172 fire stations serving 58 cities and towns througout the County of Los Angeles. Maping all 22 battalion headquarters is an easy way to visualize the scope of this outstanding organization.

iPhone search screen


Easily search through 2,200 stations using a zip code, a city name, a telephone area code, or the station number.

You don't know the zip code, city name, telephone area code, or station number, you say? That's okay, type in what you know and let the app do the rest. The results will display every station that matches your search criteria.

Use your location!

Near by

Tapping the Cross hairs icon icon from the application launch screen will use your location to find the nearest fire stations to you. For iPhone, the radius can be set to either 5km or 10 km from your location, iPad user's are limited to 10km.

Location Services must be turned On from your device's Settings App. Furthermore, the first time you use this feature, your device will prompt you to give the application permission to use your current location.

It's that easy!

Universal App, made for iPhone and iPad


Buy the app once and enjoy on all your devices. The App is universal so it will run seamlessly on your iPad as long as you're running iOS 5.0 or greater.

The iPad Air's beautiful 9.7" (diagonal) screen gives you more room to play and discover. The latest version takes advantage of the new iPad's retina display screen with high resolution graphics and icons.

Map battalions for iPad

iPad Mini

Yes, all your devices. Including the iPad Mini and it's smaller 7.9-inch Retina display set to launch soon.